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  1. This first question requires a bit of explanation,
  2. so bare with me here. The goal of
  3. this question is to find an app on
  4. a Play Store that has low ratings. Then, we're
  5. going to estimate how much of that low rating
  6. came from violated constraints. So the way we're going to
  7. do this is by going to the Google
  8. Play store. And we're going to find an app with
  9. a relatively low review. Let's say below three and
  10. half stars. So I just clicked on this app. Looks
  11. like it has a review of about three and
  12. a half stars. And notice if I scroll down, I
  13. can see what the actual average rating is. But
  14. I can also see were that rating came from. 720
  15. five star reviews, 310 one star, and so on. But
  16. beyond that I can also click into the individual reviews.
  17. From this page I can look at reviews
  18. by Newest, Helpfulness or Rating, which will be especially
  19. helpful for this exercise. And then I can
  20. read individual reviews. Apparently this person's upset that this
  21. app requires camera and microphone permission. In this
  22. question you're actually going to read a lot of
  23. reviews with different star ratings of an app that
  24. has an overall pretty low rating. And as you
  25. read you're going to pay attention to how many
  26. of these reviews reference violated mobile constraints, as a reason
  27. for the low rating. As you read these reviews,
  28. you're going to be filling out this table. So the
  29. rows represent the number of stars, and this column
  30. is the total number of reviews with this star rating.
  31. This column is where you'll keep track of the
  32. total number of reviews you read with that star rating.
  33. So, let's say you had looked at five one
  34. star reviews and three those had violated mobile constraints. You're
  35. going to go through this table, fill out all of
  36. these fifteen boxes, and at the end when you hit
  37. submit, over on the right side here where you
  38. get your feed back the apps current rating will be
  39. calculated. You should already know that but his will
  40. be a sanity check. It's predicted rating, if no mobile
  41. constraints had been violated, will be calculated as
  42. well. Now this prediction is of course a prediction,
  43. it's an estimate, and it comes from the assumption
  44. that one, the reviews you read were somehow representative
  45. of people who gave one star reviews or two
  46. star reviews. But, also there are some assumptions baked
  47. in about, well, if you'd given it a one
  48. star review and said there was a violated constraint.
  49. You probably would of given it a three or four star review, had
  50. there been no constraint violated. You can
  51. read more about those assumptions in the
  52. instructor notes, and if you have any questions, I understand this is a
  53. bit of a confusing question, feel free to post them in the discussion forum.