Unique shooting, unique Meteorite

Unique shooting, unique Meteorite

Miracles do happen ! Finding a meteorite by wandering is far away from simple . On average - for this you have to pass through the desert for a few hundred kilometers . Find a meteorite on the Red Sea coast of Egypt - even more difficult , as it is replete with dark igneous rocks , including magnetic ones. And it is wet , and meteorites are stored on its surface - much worse than in the depths of the Sahara. Nevertheless - WE DID IT ! It happened exactly by the only day when we met with Timur Kryachko ( specialist in the search for asteroids and meteorites ), simply by talking about technology to search for meteorites in the desert , with no hope of success! Timur walked and talked about the process of ... I. .. SUDDENLY ! A STONE found us ! We DID not found him - he find us , and not he, but THEY ARE ! It was a miracle when two meteorite born in different celestial bodies , facing the vast expanses of the Solar System , came to Earth , and in the arms , lay down on the white sheets of the desert, literally 2 meters apart , and waited patiently for us, the three travelers from the far north ... After some months passed , later, in Moscow , it became clear that one of them -- is unique . Until now we have not found an analogue meteorite like
HIM , among the 50,000 known meteorites ... Today , we can already guess about the origin of these celestial visitors, but we do not get ahead of ourselves ! Need to conduct more research still ... Go ahead , fight and not give up when everything is against you - fatigue, bloody blisters , thirst , statistics ! Luck often waiting for us there, at the bottom of the jar devastated when drunk the last drop of water, and we were finally ready to leave ... you dare - and gain , a dream , an invaluable experience , not honor, so piercing light of life . Joy - in the most insignificant probability A MIRACLE ....!!!

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