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An exploration of the grassroots "ghost bike" movement - why are these mysterious white bikes being placed in cities all over the world?

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  1. (Soft music and traffic sounds)
  2. - I- I must say that when
    I pass one at a street corner,
  3. it gives me a, a kind of
    an eerie feeling.
  4. - The first time I saw it,
  5. I didn't know what it was
    until I saw a couple of them.
  6. I thought like why would someone paint their bike white?
    They must be kind of weird.
  7. - It- it speaks volumes.
  8. I just think that maybe,
    if more people were aware of what it was
  9. and what it was for,
    that it would definitely get the message across.
  10. - It's kind of mysterious
  11. and kind of beautiful.
  12. - It's really eerie.
  13. - I think it looks
    really dead and lonely.
  14. - It looks like it's miming,
    which is ironic.
  15. And it's missing its, um,
    it's missing its rider.
  16. So there's that, uh, sense
    of loneliness,
  17. of, uh, despair
  18. and loss.
  19. - I think it's sad.
  20. It's kind of, I don't know,
    it's sort of a combo
  21. of it's sad and it's beautiful,
    you know, because of what it is
  22. and what it stands for.
  23. (soft music)
  24. - A ghost bike is a, uh, bike that's taken
    and painted completely white
  25. and is put at the scene of
  26. a cyclists death as a memorial
    and a reminder that a cyclist
  27. had died at that spot.
  28. - Take the wheels off first and then
    take every little thing off of it, right?
  29. Don't have breaks on it,
    don't have anything that-
  30. Don't have a basket, don't have a bell
    or anything like that.
  31. Just make it very minimalist
    as possible.
  32. Because then you could actually get
    the proper shape and form of the bicycle.
  33. It can stand out more instead of
    just simply being an abandoned bike.
  34. Like, if a bike doesn't have any brakes,
    there's something special about it, right? It's not going anywhere fast.
  35. It's a very global art form.
  36. They're um- they're canonizing
    the deaths of cyclists
  37. in the United States. St. Louis -
    that's where it first originated.
  38. Though, after that,
    Poland got it.
  39. New York City's taken off with it, Chicago.
  40. - If these unfortunate symbols do
    keep sort of popping up all over the city,
  41. then we'll have sort of
    a visual reminder of how many cyclists
  42. actually do get killed,
    which is a lot, uh, in Toronto.
  43. - So I guess in a sense,
    it is raising awareness for cyclists,
  44. but, uh, not in a real positive way.
  45. - I think that art should mix-
    that art should be somewhat
  46. political in, in every sense
    of the word.
  47. I think that art
  48. uh, motivates people,
    inspires people,
  49. moves people to action.
  50. I think that it really is the, uh,
    the ultimate way of promoting change.
  51. (soft music)
  52. I think that it transcends
  53. politics,
  54. or politics the way
    we sort of perceive it.
  55. Imaginative, good art-making
  56. is- is really
    the best message
  57. that we can possibly generate.
  58. (soft music)