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  1. Crazy Bob will you please summarize all the bugs have you found?
  2. >> All right. So, I'll read.
  3. I'll read basically the type,
  4. the severity, the location and then the description.
  5. So, this was wrong.
  6. Minor, line one, don't import asterisk.
  7. Wrong, minor, line two, useless import or useless import of .java.lang.
  8. Stylistic minor, line 12.
  9. Program to interfaces not implementations.
  10. Missing minor.
  11. Lines 13 and 14, no initialization of variables.
  12. Stylistic minor 13 and 14 integer versus character.
  13. Style minor lines four, seven and eight.
  14. We discussed all about our standard coding style and
  15. comments should be slash, slash asterisk.
  16. >> No, shouldn't.
  17. >> I'm sorry. >> I kind of agree with said that we should go with,
  18. maybe, a minor plus plus or some kind of other severity.
  19. If, if styling is, is important as we kind of talked about maybe that should be
  20. somewhere between major and minor.
  21. >> Okay.
  22. Okay. >> Really need to crack down on that.
  23. Make sure that one just doesn't get washed away.
  24. >> Yeah.
  25. >> And also before you go to the next one Crazy Bob,
  26. please read the meaning of the redispositions again.
  27. So the first one is what?
  28. The first one is the line number.
  29. The second sources.
  30. >> Yeah. >> So our line numbers are four, seven and eight.
  31. That's where the comments were.
  32. >> No, I wasn't being clear.
  33. >> On the form?
  34. >> They're on the forum.
  35. >> Oh first, oh this one.
  36. This is just the number.
  37. >> Okay. >> Like consecutive number.
  38. >> All right.
  39. >> Of the defect that we found.
  40. Then the type, so there's missing, wrong, extra usability, performance, style,
  41. clarity or question.
  42. And then there's the severity, either major minor, and
  43. then we can add plus plusses, or minus minuses if you'd like.
  44. And then it'll locate the actual line number of the code.
  45. So then we have style minor line 16.
  46. Follow should be in capital letters.
  47. And character was misspelled and buy was misspelled.
  48. And then stylistic minor line 19 inconsistent space in white space around, and
  49. then we talked again about needing a some kind of coding standard for
  50. white space.
  51. then, wrong major plus.
  52. On line 20 the equal equal should be not equal per our loop condition.
  53. Then wrong again, major lines 19 and
  54. 28, we're printing every character on a new line as an integer.
  55. Then stylistic major line 20.
  56. We had a question about whether this loop ever even terminates, and
  57. we should be checking for some kind of enda file.
  58. Stylistic minor line 31.
  59. The assert comment is confusing.
  60. Stylistic minor lines 32 through 35.
  61. We should catonate all that system out into one line.
  62. [COUGH] Then wrong implementation major line 34.
  63. We're printing the wrong variable.
  64. Style again, minor everywhere is our brace placement standard.
  65. We need to come up with something, some kind of standard.
  66. >> Mine are plus plus maybe I don't know.
  67. >> Then another plus plus.
  68. >> And then style minor everywhere, there's no java.doc author tags or
  69. any other information on the code.
  70. Stylistic major line 36,
  71. we should catch specific exceptions rather than generic exception.
  72. Stylistic major, line 37,
  73. we should log exceptions instead of just exiting immediately.
  74. Stylistic, again major, line 39, we need an exit status on our success.
  75. Stylistic minor, lines 19 and
  76. 28, we should not be printing debug information to the console.
  77. And then I added another important one that I think is important,
  78. major everywhere our implementation should've been in Ada.
  79. >> Oh, that's a minority report.
  80. >> [LAUGH] Very good.
  81. >> So, I think the code passes, right?
  82. >> Thank you team.
  83. I can certainly breathe easier now that we have squashed these bugs.
  84. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I'm going to have to neuralize you to
  85. protect the identities of our team members.
  86. [MUSIC]
  87. [SOUND]