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  1. If I wanted to type x is less than or equal to 3, I would type in on my keyboard
  2. x, a backslash symbol, the letters l, e, and then a space. Right after you hit
  3. the space, the backslash and the le will transform into a less than or equal to
  4. sign and that's also what this letter stand for, less than or equal to. If you
  5. don't type in a space after these characters, then nothing will happen. Once you
  6. have entered a space you can continue typing. I would just set 3 to get x is
  7. less than or equal to 3. I have greater than or equal to symbol works in a
  8. similar way. You would type backslash then ge, and the space. You're going to
  9. have a chance to practice that here and here, just by typing in what I have
  10. written here. And then as a challenge to you, you'll be able to try these 2
  11. inequalities. Notice that they contain an infinity symbol. For the infinity
  12. symbol, you simply need to type in a backslash and then the letters inf and a
  13. space. The space again will transofrm these characters into your infinity
  14. symbol. For this infinity, it's negative. So, I put a negative sign in front
  15. first. This is just the minus sign or the dash on your keyboard. Try playing
  16. around with your keyboard and see if you can get these same math expressions
  17. using MathQuill. It's pretty cool.