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  1. Now that we know stress refers to our perceived ability to meet the demands of
  2. a given situation, and we know how our body responds to stress, how is it that
  3. we handle stress? Well, psychologists call our ability to handle or deal with
  4. stress, coping. Now as it turns out, there are two distinct coping strategies.
  5. The first focuses on changing a situation or solving a problem. The second
  6. focuses on changing one's emotional response, or regulating your emotional
  7. response to a stressful situation. The first is called problem-focused coping,
  8. and the second is called emotion-focused coping. Let's talk about examples of
  9. each of these. Now, I want you to think carefully about these two ways to cope
  10. with stress, because I really think they can help us in our day to day lives we
  11. encounter stress. So, let's look at two stress provoking situations. The first,
  12. untied shoes. The second, the tides of the ocean.