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VODKA ROCKS! Is a SkuFlix product, 90 minutes of satirical comedy, deconstructive farce, and retro camp - a psychedelic joyride.
- Shot on high end HD, with car chases, explosions, special effects, billions of locations
- Original music score, all rights available
- Director: John Rubino's previous movie Lotto Land, was released by CFP/Lion's Gate.

Synopsis: Slavic is on a mission: to promote a Russian vodka. Maybe he wouldn't die for his brand, but he will kill. He meets a beautiful woman who sells French wine and a Latino man who's pushing rum, and the three marketing guerrilleros team up to kidnap an advertising guru to make the perfect marketing campaign for each product.

But their American dream of marketing success collapses. In desperation, they start a guerrilla campaign that touches off full-scale war between Pepsi and Coke. Oh, you'll get your happy ending, - until it gets blown up. But that's all we'll tell you for now.


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