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    0:00let's get started with programming and programming is really the core
    0:03computer science
    0:04most machines are designed to you just one thing
    0:08this is supposed to be a toaster it's more for
    0:11representation of drawing and an accurate one and a toaster
    0:15well we can't do more than one thing with the tester maybe we can put
    0:18different things and we can test
    0:20bread we can test muffins maybe it has some things we can use to change its
    0:25behavior low but we can turn a setting
    0:27to make it toast for longer or shorter but it's pretty limited what it can do
    0:31everything it can do
    0:32is a variation on this basic functionality that was designed for
    0:36this basic process putting toast in heating it up
    0:39and getting that has to pop out if we want to change its behavior do something
    0:44really different
    0:45we have to physically alter the machine we could maybe take parts out put them
    0:49together in a new way
    0:50if we're really creative we could make a bicycle from the toaster
    0:53that would be a a pretty big project go so without
    0:57program computers even less useful than a toaster can't do anything with program
    1:02the program is what else the computer what to do and the power of the computer
    1:06is that unlike a toaster which is really designed to only do a few things
    1:10a computer can do anything computers a universal machine
    1:13we can program it to do you essentially any computation
    1:17so anything that we can imagine anything that we can figure out how to write a
    1:20program for
    1:21we can make the computer deal and what the program needs to be is a very
    1:25precise sequence of steps
    1:26the computer by itself doesn't know how to do anything it has a few simple
    1:31that it can execute and to make a program do something useful
    1:34we need to put those instructions together in a way that does what we want
    1:38so we can turn the computer
    1:39into a web browser into server into a game playing machine
    1:44into a toaster without anywhere put the bread
    1:47but into anything that we can imagine at least any computation we want to do.
    1:52and the power the computers that can execute a steps
    1:55super super fast so we can execute billions have instructions in one second
    1:59the program
    2:01give us a way to tell the computer what steps to take so they're many different
    2:06for programming computers the language we're gonna learn this course the
    2:09language cockpit fun
    2:10like the snake it's awesome named after Monty Python
    2:13and the important thing about Python is it gives us tonight high-level
    2:17language that we can use to rate programs and that means instead of our
    2:21program running
    2:22directly on the computer the programs that we rate will be an import
    2:25to the Python program which runs on the computer what I found is called an
    2:30that means runs our programs it interprets them execute the program
    2:34that we wrote in the Python language by running a program in the language that
    2:38the computer
    2:39can understand directly