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  1. So now as you might have guessed I've graphed the lines y equals x plus 10 over
  2. the quantity x plus 2 times the quantity x minus 2, and of course our x axis.
  3. What are we interested in finding now? Well because we have a less than 0 here
  4. we want to see where the pink curve lies below the purple curve or below the X
  5. axis. This region down here, this sort of upside down u definitely does. And as
  6. you would expect, the x values here lie between negative 2 and 2, although this
  7. curve will never actually have points with either of these two x values. We'll
  8. talk about that more in a few lessons. Get excited, it's pretty cool stuff. For
  9. the other part of our solution Where x lies between negative infinity and
  10. negative ten. We once again, have a bit of a hard time telling that the curve
  11. drops below the x axis here. But of course, you could plug in values for x that
  12. are less than negative ten, and test this out yourself. I think this is pretty
  13. cool though. You can use multiple graphs to demonstrate the same solution sets.
  14. And we can see how 2 inequalities look completely different, or at least pretty
  15. different to me, yield the exact same solutions.