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  1. Okay, edit all those things, and then hit Save again. And seems like it worked.
  2. That's cool. And it's right there in
  3. our Custom Field and Relationship, is it? Yes.
  4. >> There it is.
  5. >> Awesome.
  6. >> Great. So let's go to an attendee record, or both of
  7. the attendee records, and now relate them to the festival they're going to.
  8. >> Okay. Alright so if going to
  9. Johnny concert. I'm going to double click Festival.
  10. Click my little friend, the magnifying glass. I love the
  11. magnifying glass. And send him to, what do you think?
  12. >> Cloud Stock.
  13. >> Cloud Stock. And save. Cool. And I'll do the same thing for Missy music.
  14. >> Awesome.