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  1. And the answer should look like this. You've got
  2. your opening em tag, the phrase HTML is reasonably
  3. straightforward, and then the closing em tag. And, our
  4. b tags are still where we left them. Hopefully
  5. you managed to figure this out that HTML tags
  6. can be nested just fine and the, the whole
  7. phrase is in italics because the whole phrase is
  8. surrounded by these tags. And just the words reasonably straightforward
  9. are in bold because those are just the
  10. words that are surrounded by the b tags. Let's
  11. experiment with that in the editor a little bit
  12. here. So I'm going to take the closing em tag
  13. off here and put it on the back. And if we update this, we can see that the
  14. whole phrase learn to love HTML is in italics,
  15. and that's what we just saw on the quiz.