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  1. Maps, everybody uses them and
    many people love them.
  2. Maps on mobile devices like this one
    have changed the world over the last
  3. few years.
  4. It's not that long ago you had to carry
    a paper map of any location you weren't
  5. familiar with.
  6. Or like me, as soon as you arrive at
    an airport, you'd study the route to
  7. the hotel, memorizing it so you wouldn't
    have to stop in a strange place and
  8. unfold a large piece of paper to
    figure out where you were going.
  9. Mobile maps not only provide
    a local map in your pocket, but
  10. also a map of the entire
    world down to street level.
  11. They also include cool things such as a
    view of the street as if you were there
  12. or a 3D fly-around of many major cities.
  13. There are so many ways that maps
    can help you build a better app.
  14. Maybe you have a business and you want
    to direct people to that business.
  15. Why not build an app that provides
    navigation to your business from where
  16. they are using location services that
    you can learn in one of our modules?
  17. Or maybe you want to create a treasure
    hunt game, or plant a geocache.
  18. You can even do this virtually,
  19. where instead of hiding objects in the
    real world, you put them in the virtual
  20. world, with pins on a map that
    your users will then have to find.
  21. There are far more scenarios
    than I can think of and
  22. I bet you have a few
    doozies of your own.
  23. In this lesson,
    you'll learn all about Google Maps and
  24. how you can build them
    into your android apps.