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  1. We'll learn more from
    these startups later.
  2. Before we continue lets introduce
    ourselves my name is Amir Shevat and
  3. I work in Google developer relations,
    I have mentored and
  4. worked with many product managers and
    founders across the world and
  5. was an entrepreneur myself
    before joining Google.
  6. Throughout this course
    I'll interview experts and
  7. share my own advice on how
    to build great products.
  8. >> And I'm Chris.
  9. I'm a course developer at Udacity.
  10. Throughout this course I'll be
    interviewing start-ups, explaining
  11. different topics, and describing how
    you can complete the final project.
  12. >> We're excited to show you how
    to build great products, and
  13. can't wait to see what you do.