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  1. So you're going to need to update the save profile
  2. method in the Conference API class so that, see here where
  3. we get the profile, every time we get the profile
  4. we create new one. Instead of doing that what we need
  5. to do is check if the profile's already in the
  6. data store if it is, get it out, if it isn't
  7. create a new one and then set the values all passed
  8. in by the form. The values that the form doesn't pass
  9. in for new entity, use the default
  10. values and if the entity already existed, then
  11. leave the existing values in the properties. You're also going to need to add a
  12. method in the profile class called update
  13. profile that takes a display name and the
  14. t-shirt size and updates them. If they
  15. haven't changed. That is if they aren't now.