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  1. Take a look at this very, very simple pedigree for red-green
  2. color blindness. I'm going to tell you a lot of things here,
  3. right? This is a very small pedigree. I don't want you
  4. to have to make a lot of assumptions. We know that
  5. the trait we're talking about is red-green color blindness, which means
  6. we know it's X-linked. We also know that it's recessive. We
  7. see the father is affected by the trait and the mother
  8. is unaffected. I'm also going to give you the information that the mother
  9. is homozygous for whatever genotype she is. What is the probability
  10. of this male and female having an affected child? The probability
  11. goes from 0 to a 100%. I want to you pick
  12. up a percentage and put it in a box right here.