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  1. That was a highlighted summary of a lot of the key concepts in the course,
  2. especially if you're taking notes at home.
  3. And now we're going to do a bunch of review questions.
  4. Many of them should seem very easy. That's intentional.
  5. We just want to go over the material and get it fresh in your mind,
  6. and the expectation is that you'll do harder studying on your own.
  7. Mastering the material involves personal responsibility.
  8. You're going to have to put extra time into it at the end.
  9. All right. First quiz: regular expressions.
  10. I have written a Python format regular expression here at the top of the slide,
  11. and what I'd like you to do is indicate which of the strings listed here match it exactly.
  12. Multiple multiple choice. List all that are correct.