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Ep. #162 HelloFresh Review: Part 3 - Peppercorn Steak

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The 2nd dish we have prepared is the peppercorn steak with baby potatoes and creamed spinach, which took approximately 40 minutes to make in its entirety. Of course, the recipe and all the ingredients were included in our HelloFresh food box.
The steak with the peppercorn sauce was very good, and even though I'm not one to like cooked spinach, that itself was still pretty good. I give the meal in its whole a 7.
We also drank some Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale beer from Trader Joe's; it was very interesting. Give it a try.

Our next and final HelloFresh meal from our first box will be the caramelized shallot risotto dish, with lemony zucchini ribbons. Should be good .