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  1. We can actually create a chart straight from the report.
  2. >> Okay.
  3. >> not all chart types are accounted for in the report
  4. itself, but what's great about creating a chart directly from the report
  5. is if you put it in multiple dashboards, it can have a
  6. uniform way of showing all that data across all those different dashboards.
  7. >> Makes sense.
  8. >> So, if we click Customize and go back into the report.
  9. We can add a chart type straight to our report right here.
  10. >> Oh, nice.
  11. >> And
  12. so, what do you think? Bar chart? That
  13. probably sounds like it makes the most sense.
  14. >> Bar chart makes sense, yeah.
  15. >> So, on the X-Axis.
  16. >> I want to, I want to vertical of a bar chart.
  17. >> Okay.
  18. >> So X-Axis I want to be Purchase Date, yeah, and Y-Axis I want
  19. Total Spent, yes. And so, click this Group By field here. And we probably want.
  20. >> Ticket type? Oh, cool. Okay, that's very cool.
  21. >> But, what's really great, is we
  22. can also change how it looks. So maybe if
  23. you wanted to stack them, so they're in one.
  24. >> Uh-huh.
  25. >> Versus the other.
  26. >> Oh, nice. Yeah, sure, let's stack em. So, really quick, let's
  27. just look at formatting, and see if there's anything we want to change there.
  28. >> I give it a title.
  29. >> We also probably want to enable the Hovers. So
  30. that when we hover over any part of the chart.
  31. >> Yeah.
  32. >> We actually see how much was spent for any individual.
  33. >> Cool.
  34. >> Hit OK. Awesome.
  35. So there's our little preview right there based off of the preview data.
  36. >> Uh-huh.
  37. >> But if we now Save and then Run Report,
  38. then we can create another dashboard component off of this.
  39. >> Wow, that is awesome! So looks like in June we were
  40. selling a lot of tickets. Actually in June, June was interesting, because
  41. not only did we sell a lot of tickets, we sold about
  42. the same as in July, for general admission, but VIP's were crazy.
  43. >> There must have been a special or something.
  44. >> Or maybe just the people who are
  45. really into the festival, like buy early or something.
  46. >> Yeah. They, they get to be VIPs.
  47. >> Yeah.
  48. >> Alright, that's pretty cool. So now I can, I'm guessing
  49. I can figure out how to add this to the dashboard.
  50. >> Well, yeah.
  51. >> I think.
  52. >> Try it out.
  53. >> Alright. You already saved it
  54. [LAUGH].
  55. >> Kay, so saving was not the right idea there. But
  56. I'm so terrified of messing up that I like saving a lot.
  57. >>
  58. [LAUGH].
  59. Okay, dashboard. going to have to Edit. Alright, so,
  60. I want to make my bar chart. I'm going to
  61. drag this over. Not sure if I need to do that. My Data Source is total
  62. revenue by month. Okay, that gave me a
  63. graph but, this doesn't have the, like the
  64. blue and the green sections. That's, that's making
  65. me sad. Should I, what should I do? Help.
  66. >> Little wrench.
  67. >> Little wrench. Always little wrench. Little
  68. wrench is such a, a good tool. Okay
  69. >> So if you notice that little check box in the upper-left.
  70. >> Use chart as defined, that makes sense. Okay, so I used the
  71. chart that I made in the report, and it gave me my favorite thing.
  72. >>
  73. [LAUGH]
  74. >> Very cool.
  75. >> Maybe we should edit the title and then Save and Run this dashboard again?
  76. >> Sure. How do I run a dashboard?
  77. >> click Close. Yep.
  78. >> Save and Close?
  79. >> Yep
  80. >> So this is not what a user would see, what we were just looking at?
  81. >> Right.
  82. >> That was the art
  83. >> That was the editor.
  84. >> This is what a user would see.
  85. >> Yeah, this is what a user would see.
  86. >> This is a little prettier. Alright, this is very cool. So we
  87. can track Revenue by Month. We can track Total Festival Revenue, and. What do
  88. you think?
  89. >> It looks really good.
  90. >> Yeah.
  91. >> but I don't know if a bar chart
  92. would of been the best way to display that data.
  93. Like, can you think of another type of chart
  94. that we could have used that might of been better?