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← Ugly Pride: Wanting to Be Recognized by People - Tim Conway

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  1. Let's think of some expressions of pride.
  2. The Scribes and the Pharisees.
  3. A great example of pride of position.
  4. The pride of recognition.
  5. You remember what Jesus said of them?
  6. "The Scribes and the Pharisees love
  7. the place of honor at feasts
  8. and the best seats in the synagogues."
  9. So you come into the church,
  10. and if you have people that are competing
  11. for the highest seat,
  12. what does that look like?
  13. I mean, we're adults - many of us.
  14. We wouldn't imagine,
  15. you know how it is with little
    children when they play -
  16. what is that game they
    play with the chairs?
  17. Musical chairs.
  18. You've seen when there's one chair left.
  19. Or even when there's multiple chairs left,
  20. but two people try to get in the same seat.
  21. That's basically what Jesus
    is saying about Pharisees.
  22. They're fighting to get the highest seat.
  23. You know, you can just see two of them
  24. with all of their long garb on
  25. and they're trying to push
    each other off the seat
  26. like children playing musical chairs.
  27. We would never think of doing that.
  28. And yet, there can be that
    subtle reality in the heart
  29. that we want position.
  30. We want recognition.
  31. We want place.
  32. Oh, wanting to be recognized...
  33. wanting to be honored.
  34. You know what?
  35. Every part is not working properly
  36. when you've got that
    attitude in the church.
  37. Or how about the pride of
    power and achievement?
  38. You get this from Nebuchadnezzar.
  39. But this can come into
    the church just as well.
  40. "Is this not Babylon?
  41. Great Babylon -
  42. which I have built by my mighty power
  43. and for my great majesty."
  44. And you know, that can
    come into the church.
  45. People do what they do because
  46. they want to show what they can do.
  47. "Look what I can do."
  48. This achievement.
  49. And you know, the reason that we know
  50. that this easily infects the church
  51. is there you've got how
    many times, repeatedly,
  52. the inner circle of disciples.
  53. Luke 22:24 "A dispute
    also arose among them
  54. as to which of them was to
    be regarded as the greatest."
  55. Now you know, we would not be so bold
  56. as to say it out loud.
  57. I mean, those guys
    were pretty brash, right?
  58. Having an argument?
  59. Especially some of the times
    they were arguing that,
  60. Jesus is over there telling them
  61. how He's going to Jerusalem to die.
  62. They're over there:
  63. "I'm going to be greater than you."
  64. And Jesus is saying, "I'm going to die."
  65. Peter, who do you think you are?
  66. You think just because you
    walked on water out there
  67. you're going to be greater?
  68. See, we wouldn't think of that
  69. because why? Because of pride.
  70. That would be too embarrassing.
  71. You see, that's almost like little children.
  72. Little children can fight over the toy:
  73. Give it to me! Give it to me!
  74. You know, I saw some of
    that happen over here.
  75. And with children, they
    can do that shamelessly.
  76. But two adults, can you imagine
  77. if two of the mothers were like:
  78. Give that to me!
  79. And it's like no, they wouldn't do that
  80. because pride itself would
    indicate that they not.
  81. Because they don't want to be shamed.
  82. Little children don't have that sense of shame.
  83. But these guys were bold and brash.
  84. No, we might not do that,
  85. but you're thinking, in your heart,
  86. you desire that.
  87. You actually desire to be the greatest.
  88. You don't desire to be the least.
  89. You desire to be recognized.
  90. You desire to be applauded.
  91. (incomplete thought)
  92. You desire the glory of man.