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  1. We're going to radically
    rethink the design of sunshine.
  2. Before we dive into this further,
    let me make it clear that
  3. there are many positive things
    about the sunshine design.
  4. Particularly the portrait phone model.
  5. The landscape version, however,
  6. is very clearly a stretched
    version of the portrait design.
  7. The giant blue splash for the today view
    is a nice idea, but it's a bit too much,
  8. especially in landscape.
  9. The use of roboto condensed, detracts
    from the appeal of these reviews.
  10. The detail views even on
    a phone start to fall down.
  11. It's a pretty simplistic presentation
    with uneven use of white space.
  12. The landscape version even,
    needs to scroll to show all content.
  13. For the portrait forecast view,
  14. we're going to moving toward better
    use of color and white space.
  15. Even though we're initially using
    up more space with the app bar.
  16. We're going to add some code to
    allow us to scroll it along with
  17. the forecast list.
  18. For the landscape view,
  19. we're doing something pretty radical in
    order to improve the use of white space.
  20. Namely we've eliminated
    most of the app bar.
  21. By taking the sides of the list in.
  22. We provide more balance to this layout.
  23. It's not ideal but
    it's more aesthetically pleasing.
  24. We'll also demonstrate some
    parallax scrolling here.
  25. For the detail view we're
    doing a more serious overhaul.
  26. We're using a toolbar that matches
    the coloring of the detail view.
  27. And only contains share functionality.
  28. The bottom includes a nice accent shade
    with a separate section of the app per
  29. data unique to the detail view.
  30. Overall, it's a far
    better use of whitespace.
  31. And a good teaching ground for
    some more advanced layout techniques.
  32. The landscape detail view is even more
    striking in comparison to the original
  33. application.
  34. It not only has a nice look.
  35. It actually fits more
    information on the screen.
  36. The landscape tablet version
    wouldn't make it on google
  37. play as a tablet optimized application
    with all that unused space.
  38. We'll give it a fresh
    look with the update.
  39. Our portrait tablet is even more
    striking in its comparative use of
  40. white space.
  41. If the challenge to display an app
    which has list like this and tablets.
  42. Without falling into confusing
    user scenarios such as
  43. changing the number of fragments on
    screen between portrait and landscape.
  44. We'll dive deeper into implementing
    this design throughout the lesson.