Ep. #38 Robin's Results with Medifast: First Month

Ep. #38 Robin's Results with Medifast: First Month

Robin had the best loss on Weight Watchers, dropping 70lbs.
But when she nearly lost her life due to health issues unrelated to her weight, she lost her rhythm.
Now several years later she is back to the weight that she was before WW.

Robin also has lost most her vision, becoming legally blind. Even after any correction, she has 20/400 vision in one eye and rated as being able to see fingers at 4 feet in the other.
She had been only 2 years out of school, trained as a lab tech, when she lost her sight and of course her career.

I will get up her blogs from early attempts to get back on track to get you caught up to where she is now. And we will follow her on her weight loss journey

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