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  1. In an equation like this, in order to calculate the value of y, we need to pick
  2. a value of x to plug in to the right side. And then that, in turn, will tell us
  3. what y is equal to. Now, of course you can always rearrange equations and solve
  4. for x instead, but we tend to write equations like this when we've assigned
  5. variables in such a way that y is generally what we're going to be looking for
  6. and x is more what we're given. So, for example in the situations we've talked
  7. about, the independent variable has been things like time, a sort of more
  8. fundamental quality, and the dependent variable has been things like number of
  9. sodas spit out, or height of a throw. Overall in the natural state of things, y
  10. is going to be determined by x.