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  1. You know that merging and branching both have to do with commits, but

  2. what kind of relationships does each of these ideas have with the commit.
  3. Branches are really just labels that refer to commits, so
  4. we have this new kind of relationship, through first year relationship.
  5. So this has to be branch.
  6. Let's make sure this really makes sense.
  7. Does diff really have an operates on relationship with branch?
  8. Well, yes.
  9. You can diff two commits or
  10. you can diff two branches, which is basically just diff into two commits.
  11. But they're sort of different ideas,
  12. similarly you can run log on a branch or on a commit.
  13. So this must mean that merge goes here.
  14. So let's check this one, does merge operate on commits?
  15. Well, yeah, merge takes two commits and
  16. sort of smushes them together into a new commit.
  17. So I think operates on is a pretty good description there.