Geronimo E-KIA, a poem by the 1491s

Geronimo E-KIA, a poem by the 1491s

Accompanying music by A Tribe Called Red

On May 1st around 3:30pm President Obama received a message from a Navy SEAL saying "Geronimo- E KIA" the code meaning Osama bin Laden is dead. We humbly disagree.

Geronimo was a product of his environment. A human. One with flaws. One with enough history that the person charged with defining who he is can shape the narrative any which way he likes. People chase him today, just as they did then. His story, or peoples versions of it, lead us to this point where we are today. But this poem isn't about Geronimo is it?

Don't confuse the war with the warrior. Support your soldiers and veterans

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