Relationships & Pregnancy - Eating Disorders & Self-Harm with Kati Morton

Relationships & Pregnancy - Eating Disorders & Self-Harm with Kati Morton

Relationships & Pregnancy questions with Eating Disorders & Self-Harm

This week I discuss how we can begin talking about our ED or SH struggles with those that we love. I know it is hard and for many of us it is anxiety producing, but the important thing to remember is that we don't have to share all of the information all at once. So begin by just journaling about it and playing around with how you will tell them and what it is you want to say. Take your time with this. After you feel comfortable with what you want to say, let's set up a time to talk to them that is not during a stressful time, or around food etc. Start by saying "I have been feeling down (or low, sad, struggling etc) lately and I have been finding that scratching myself (eating, not eating, etc) helps me deal with that." That's enough for now, and you can build on this as you see fit.

As for pregnancy, the most important thing we can do is work with our doctor!! Find a gynecologist or OBGYN who you feel comfortable talking to about your ED and your pregnancy. We will need them to know so that they can monitor us appropriately. Also, look into finding a dietitian in your area who you can work with as well. There is never a more important time to eat properly than now and working with someone and having a meal plan can really help. Sometimes even creating a mantra for this time can help us push through those really tough situations and urges. We have to fight to stay healthy for ourselves and for our baby.

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