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The simple course creation process at

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  1. This is a bare-bones tutorial on how to create a course with the new P2PU.
  2. Once you've created an account, log-in.
  3. You'll be taken directly to your dashboard which is the central hub of activity on the site.
  4. To create a new course visit the study group page.
  5. There'll be a button there that will allow you to start the creation process.
  6. No matter what the style is of your learning project, whether it's an informal study group or a tradtional course where you're the expert.
  7. make sure to explicitly state your role and what participants can expect from you and of themselves.
  8. If you're part of one of the awesome schools at P2PU, don't forget to state it.
  9. Once you've created a course it will show up in the study groups listing as under development.
  10. To add more information and update it, click the edit button.
  11. You can add more information about the course in the summary.
  12. Definitely add an image so you're easier to find.
  13. However, if the image is not your own, please make sure it's openly licensed.
  14. You can update the status of your course here if it's ready to go, or maybe not quite yet.
  15. You can open it up for sign-up, or close it to sign-up.
  16. You can also hide it if it's just not ready for the public eye.
  17. You can also add the dates for when the course or study group will run.
  18. You can manually add and remove participants and also give people organiser status.
  19. All content actually hosted and posted on P2PU is under an open license by default (CC-By-SA).
  20. If the content you're using is not openly licensed, you can always link to it, but you can't post it
  21. or paste it directly onto the site.
  22. The most important part of the P2PU course is the tasks.
  23. Tasks are the actual learning goals and objectives that all the participants act upon and conquer.
  24. Also important, definitely add good information about yourself.
  25. The more we know about you, the easier it is to work with you and learn from you.
  26. If you need help at any time you can bring your questions to
  27. or you can get involved with the Help Desk.
  28. The Help Desk is where we hold more in-depth conversations about what peer learning is all about.
  29. The P2PU site is currently in beta
  30. it has a lot of awesome features for peer learning and more are on the way.
  31. If you're interested in finding out where we're at and what's to come, visit our tracker (
  32. You can also report any bugs you find there. I'm sure there'll be one or two.
  33. We're really excited to work with you and learn from you at P2PU.
  34. Remember, you can ask for help at any time.