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  1. It's important to note, that we feel pride when we've accomplished something
  2. really important in our lives. Classic gesture of pride, is when we, raise our
  3. hands and clinch our fist, as we see when, athletes have won a competition. So
  4. pride comes in two distinct flavors. Authentic, and self inflated. So an
  5. authentic pride happens when we, accomplish something that's really important
  6. but also very difficult. Like run a marathon. Get an A on a very difficult exam
  7. or do well at work. Self inflated pride however, occurs just because we are
  8. superior to other people or feel superior. So for instance, we might drive a
  9. fancy car, have expensive clothes. So there's a superiority that occurs in
  10. self-inflated pride that isn't there in authentic pride.