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  1. Stampy: I wonder what Stacy is up to?
  2. Stacy: Woah, I think I'm in the right place.
  3. This is amazing!
  4. I feel like I'm back in Minecraft!
  5. Hello.
  6. How are you?
  7. Hello?
  8. Oh, there's a creeper. You don't do anything, do you?
  9. Katie: Stacy?
  10. Stacy:Hi, Katie?
  11. Katie: Yes!
  12. Welcome to Minecraft.
  13. Stacy: Thank you!
  14. Katie: Come on in!
  15. Stacy: This is amazing.
  16. So you work here every day as a developer,
  17. Katie: Yeah, it's pretty awesome.
  18. I'm a developer on the Minecraft marketplace
  19. Stacy: How many coding languages do you know?
  20. Katie: In my career I've probably worked with
    over a dozen.
  21. Stacy: A dozen?
  22. Katie: Yeah.
  23. Stacy: So now, you wouldn't happen to know
    anything about this little golem guy that
  24. calls himself "the Agent"?
  25. Katie: We use the Agent to do things that
    Steve or Alex can't, like go across lava.
  26. Stacy: Well, I want to learn how to code,
    and they want to learn how to code, so what
  27. is one of the first things that you need to
    know when you're learning?
  28. Katie: Well, you need to learn how to use
  29. Stacy: Ok.
  30. Katie: Loops are things that developers write
    to give commands to a computer that can be
  31. run over and over again.
  32. Stacy: Got it, so I think there's actually
    some of that coming up in the levels ahead,
  33. so go ahead and give loops a try.
  34. In the next level, you can use a loop to move
    the Agent along the path.
  35. Drag the repeat block into the workspace and
    place the move forward block inside the repeat
  36. block.
  37. This tells the computer to do the same thing
    many times in a row without having to drag
  38. a whole bunch of blocks into the workspace.
  39. You can choose how many times to repeat by
    putting a number in the repeat block.
  40. You can put turns and multiple commands in
    the repeat block too, but for now try using
  41. a repeat to move the Agent forward a few steps.
  42. Remember, if you get stuck on a puzzle you
    can always hit the blue "reset" button and
  43. try again.
  44. If you are thinking about having a cool job
    like Katie's, go ahead and click the "show
  45. code" button when you finish every level.
  46. That's going to actually show you the Javascript
    code that someone like Katie uses when she's
  47. actually programming Minecraft.
  48. So anyway, thank you so much!
  49. Katie: Yeah, good luck everyone!