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  1. >> That's clearly the door handle, but there's no perceived affordance.
  2. So it's a signifier that this is a handle, but it's only
  3. half a signifier. It tells where the handle is, but not
  4. what to do, so, I don't know, how do you open it?
  5. >> Hi, Don. How are you? What are you doing with my car?
  6. >> Trying to understand
  7. how to open it. The hell, what did you do?
  8. >> Well I have the key, so it
  9. knows that I'm coming, so it automatically opens.
  10. >> Oh, that's clever. This is a really good example of hiding
  11. a perceived affordance. Hiding, the signifier, because you don't need to have it
  12. there. The owner of the car knows how to use it, and when
  13. the owner of the car comes near with a key, it automatically opens,
  14. you can grab the handle.
  15. That's very clever design.