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  1. Here's a simple Android app using
    street view to show a scene.
  2. As I move my finger around the display,
  3. you can see that I can
    look around this location.
  4. As I touch the arrows, you can see
    that I can walk along the trail.
  5. Similarly, if I touch in the far
    distance, I can jump to that location.
  6. This location is a hiking
    trail in the Grand Canyon.
  7. And as you can see, street view
    isn't limited to just streets.
  8. As I touch in the direction of the hike,
    I simply follow the path.
  9. This one actually goes all the way down
    to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
  10. This virtual hike down
    the Grand Canyon was built
  11. using only a few lines of code.
  12. Let's take a look at how to
    build this for ourselves.