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  1. My mom would be at all my sporting events.

  2. Let's say I was playing football, ok?
  3. My mother would be on the sidelines
  4. and if the play on the field would start
    going one way, my mother would start
  5. going like "MIKE, GET EM! GET EM!"
  6. And I'd be like, "Oh, my gosh."
  7. I'd get in a huddle with the other guys,
  8. they'd go, "Mark, is that your mother?"
  9. I'd go, "No, I never saw her before in
  10. my life."
  11. See, the greatest gift
  12. my mother ever gave me?
  13. - she believed in me. I have
  14. overdosed on drugs on 3 occasions where
  15. I should have been dead.
  16. But I believe I was kept here for a reason
  17. You show me your friends, I will show you
  18. your future. How do I know this?
  19. I hung out with losers, and I became the
  20. biggest loser of them all because I gave
    up everything I dreamt about as a little
  21. boy because of who I chose to surround
    myself with. My friends would drive me
  22. home at around 2, 3, 4 in the morning.
  23. We'd be drunk and high, laughing in the
    car. We'd pull up in front of my house
  24. and they'd go, "Mark, Mark.
    The lights on." I'd go, "Oh man, my
  25. mother's up." See, my mom wouldn't
    go to bed until she knew her son was still
  26. alive. I'd walk in she'd say, "Hi Mark,
    how was your night?" I'd go, "It was good
  27. Mom, I'm tired! I'm just gonna go to bed."
    She goes, "Mark. I haven't seen you all
  28. day and all night. Can I please talk
    to you." I says, "Man, just leave me
  29. alone. You bug me." I'd slam my bedroom
    door. On the one person who believed in
  30. me. I was on a world wide tour when we
    were wrestling overseas in Japan.
  31. After my wrestling match I went upstairs
    in my hotel room and I fell asleep.
  32. There was a knock at my door at 3 o'
    clock in the morning. I got out of bed
  33. and looked through the safety window
    and I could see, it was a Japanese
  34. promoter. So I opened the door and he
    says, "Mark, you need to call home.
  35. There's been an emergency." I went and
    got on the hotel phone and I called back
  36. to the United States and I says, "Hey,
    what's going on?" He said, "Mark, I don't
  37. know how to tell you this." I said, "Just
    tell me, what happened?" I almost started
  38. crying and they go, "Mark, I can't tell
    you." I said, "Just say it."
  39. They said, "Mark. Your mother died."
    I just threw the phone down.
  40. I ran out of my hotel room. I took the
  41. elevator to the lobby and when the doors
    opened up, I just ran down to the street.
  42. I mean, there was no cars, there was no
    peoples. 3 o'clock in the morning. And I
  43. walked down to the middle of the street
    in Hiroshima, Japan and I remember
  44. looking up and just saying, "Mom. I am
    so sorry." I flew home for her
  45. funeral, and I was so nervous to walk
    up to her casket so I just stood way
  46. in the back. And I kept looking from a
    distance, thinking to myself, Mom,
  47. please wake up. Please get up.
    And then I finally got the nerve to walk
  48. up to her. And as I got closer, I could
    see my mom for the first time. I mean,
  49. she was so beautiful. She was dressed in
    white. I mean, she looked like an angel.
  50. And I just stood over her and I said,
    "Mom. You are my hero. Everything
  51. I am and everything I hope to be was
    because of you. You loved me so much
  52. you gave me a life. You're the only one
    that ever believed in me." How'd I repay
  53. her? By getting drunk, by getting high,
    by getting stupid, by hanging out
  54. with losers. For what? All she ever
    wanted to do, was talk to me.
  55. I wish I could talk to you now, mom.
    I wish you could see what I'm doing.
  56. Why couldn't I have been a better son?
    We are defined by our choices.
  57. but if you surround yourself by people
    involved with drugs and alcohol
  58. and pills. It's a dead end. I'm not here
    to preach to ya. I'm here to tell you
  59. I lived that life. It leads to broken
    hearts, broken relationships, broken
  60. dreams and death. For what? To get
    high? If you have a mother or a father
  61. when you go home, tell 'em how much you
    love 'em. See, my whole life was about
  62. being rich and famous. I had to be a
    millionaire. I had to win the race.
  63. I had to win the race at the expense
    of my marriage, my family, my friends.
  64. For what? To be all alone in the world?
    I learned what is truly important.
  65. And that is, how precious this gift
  66. of life is, and our families, and how
    quickly it can be taken away. See,
  67. I now longer live in time, I live in the
    moment. See, it's not what's in your
  68. pocket that matters. It's what's in your
    heart that truly matters.
  69. Love. Love is just a word. Until
    somebody comes along and gives
  70. it meaning. You. You're the meaning.