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  1. As long as the cell doubles its DNA before dividing, then each daughter
  2. cell will have the same amount of DNA information as the parent cell did.
  3. >> Sounds like a pretty important step, that
  4. all the genetic information stays intact for every division.
  5. >> Exactly. We call this kind of division, mitosis. Mitosis
  6. is a kind of division where the same amount of
  7. information is maintained over many cell divisions. So it's important
  8. to keep two copies of the chromosome in every cell.
  9. >> Right. This is how a heterozygous cell, where one
  10. copy of the chromosome has one allele and the other copy
  11. of the chromosome has another allele, when they divide and
  12. have daughter cells, both the daughter cells will also be heterozygous.