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  1. So to build this app
  2. just get started with the typical
    steps that you would do.
  3. First you create a blank activity app,
  4. then you'll edit your Build.gradles
    at the services libraries.
  5. Then you'll edit your Android
    manifests with the meta keys for
  6. the services libraries.
  7. The metadata for your API key and
  8. don't forget to go onto
    the Google Developer's console.
  9. And add a new instance of the SHA1
    followed by a semicolon followed by this
  10. app's name, so
    that it will be valid for that API key.
  11. You've seen how to do that before.
  12. Add permissions for Internet, network
    state, and write external storage.
  13. And then the meta for OpenGL.
  14. If you're not familiar with the meta for
    open GL there is a link in the speaker
  15. notes below but we also covered it
    in previous parts of this course.
  16. When you're done with all of this,
    check this box.