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  1. This first one, part of testing a program feature is running the program
  2. in a way that exercises that feature, that was the last quiz.
  3. Yes, that is part of testing.
  4. We have to exercise the feature and then compare the observed output
  5. to what we expected.
  6. And if they're different, that indicates a bug.
  7. Testing can give us absolute certainty. No.
  8. Testing can give us confidence that our JavaScript interpreter is correct.
  9. Because our JavaScript interpreter could potentially accept an infinite number of inputs--
  10. there are an infinite number of possible JavaScript programs out there--
  11. we don't have time to test them all.
  12. We can't be absolutely certain based on testing,
  13. but it can give us confidence.
  14. Finally, one test input is just as good as another. No.
  15. This was the previous quiz.
  16. We need a test input that exercises the feature.
  17. And if we have a bunch of features in our program, we would want a suite of test inputs
  18. that cover all those features.