Crash course in Slovak - Peter Roman | PGO 2021

Crash course in Slovak - Peter Roman | PGO 2021

While the “big” Slavic languages (e.g. Russian, Polish) usually get most of the attention, choosing to learn the Slovak language does not seem to be so popular. Could it be because Slovakia is simply a small country which people don’t know much about? Maybe. But let’s change that! Come and join Peter’s crash course in Slovak where you will be able to get an idea about how the language sounds as well as to learn some basic words and useful phrases, which will help you get around in Slovakia so that you can visit this beautiful country once the pandemic is over!

Born in a small town in eastern Slovakia, Peter’s passion for travelling and languages has helped him expand and grow beyond his home country. He likes not just to travel, but also to live in a certain place or a country long enough in order to integrate into the local way of life as much as possible. The languages he speaks (Slovak, Czech, English, French, Danish, Serbian, and Esperanto) are a reflection of the countries where he lived or projects he participated in over the years. Peter currently works for E@I, the organization behind the Polyglot Gathering, and he has helped organize this event since 2019 by being primarily in charge of running and creating the content for PG’s social media.

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