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  1. On face value, the next type of partnership is the most unlikely.
  2. It's when competitors get together in programs to do something jointly for their industry,
  3. for example, tradeshows, industry associations, etc.
  4. It turns out the automobile industry action group has 900 members
  5. of competitors who also to vie to sell the same products to the auto industry.
  6. Fashion week in New York, another example.
  7. All the fashion vendors, all the suppliers of high-end fashion get together,
  8. and actually work together to promote a joint view of the industry.
  9. So coopetition is another potential area for partners.
  10. Also, industry specs, technical committees,
  11. you'll see competitors who normally outside that building
  12. who do nothing better than run each other over with a car
  13. actually sitting and trying to define a joint technical specifications.