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  1. Now let's begin the discussion on sexual attraction and the qualities we look
  2. for in potential sexual partners. Now according to the sexual strategy theory,
  3. men and women approach relationships differently. And perhaps you can reflect
  4. upon this in some of your own relationships experiences. In terms of how you
  5. may have approached a relationship differently than your partner. We see that
  6. in almost all societies, people engage in one night stands, or what we like to
  7. call, short term meetings. We also have long term meetings, which include
  8. marriage or extended companionship. So our committed long term relationships
  9. often result in marriage. In one study conducted in the United States, they
  10. found that 86% of women by the age of 40 and 81% of men by the age of 40 will
  11. marry. If you recall from our earlier lesson on development, we had a question
  12. on the forums about the age your parents got married. And we discuss the change
  13. across generations, in regards to the age people marry. Now this is just one
  14. study in the United States. But long term relationships occur in most cultures.
  15. They may do so at different times or ages, and for different reasons. For
  16. example in some cultures marriages are arranged, so the individuals have no say
  17. in the matter. But in other cultures people often marry for love, that is they
  18. fall in love with one another and then they decide to spend the rest of their
  19. lives together.