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  1. For equations we just saw that there's one solution, but sometimes there's no
  2. solution or there's infinitely many solutions. Let's look at the number of
  3. solutions for inequalities. So for this inequality how many solutions do you
  4. think there are? None, one, two, three, or more than three. And to help you out,
  5. think about what you could plug in for x, I'm going to try 0. I can plug in 0
  6. for x and I know 3 times 0 is 0. I get 8 is less than 2 but I know this isn't
  7. true. 8 is bigger than 2. So 0 wouldn't be a solution to this inequality. Can
  8. you think of some other values of x that would work? Remember you are not after
  9. the value of x you want to know how many solutions there are.