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  1. In resampling in the next motion step, let's assume the following 3 particles are used
  2. with the other ones are being ignored.
  3. 2 of them live in b2, 1 in c2, who again moves right,
  4. and we get particles distributed as follows--2 fall into b3, 2 into b4, and 1 in c4.
  5. So using the same measurement probability as before,
  6. and now a measurement of a white square.
  7. Tell me what the cumulative importance weight for the 3 new squares,
  8. where 2 of the particles fall into b3, which happens to be a white square,
  9. 2 into b4, which happens to be a black square,
  10. and 1 into c4, which happens to be a white square again.