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Ep. #165 HelloFresh Review: Part 4 - Caramelized Shallot Risotto

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This time we cooked our final HelloFresh meal from our first food box caramelized shallot risotto with lemony zucchini ribbons. Again, the recipe and all the ingredients needed for this dish were included in the food box - which is kind of the point. -)

I wasn't too excited about this dish seeing as it's vegetarian, and it was really nothing that I liked. However, it was a very good meal & I give it a 6 or 7.
We also drank some Kobai Plum wine we got from Trader Joe's. I thought it was way too sweet, however Robin really enjoyed it. So give it a try if you like sweet stuff.

Next time we'll be unboxing our introductory Plated food box and ensue with a four part review of https//