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  1. Let's put the idea of complement and supplement to use. We want to find the
  2. measure of an angle whose supplement is 10 more degrees than twice its
  3. complement. This problem can seem kind of confusing. So let's start with what we
  4. don't know. We know we need to find the measure of an angle. So that's my
  5. unknown, I'm going to call that x. The second part that I've underlined in blue
  6. represents an equation. The supplement is, or equals, 10 more than twice it's
  7. complement. So notice how I've taken the words and translated them into an
  8. equation. Let's put the ideas of complement and supplement to use. We know the
  9. complement for any angle is 90 minus x. And the supplement for any angle, is 180
  10. minus x. So, what equation can you write using only x to replace these words?
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