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Can the Decentralised Ledger of Bitcoin Apply to Music? - Midem 2015


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Bitcoin has emerged as an alternative currency with a block-chain decentralised ledger underpinning all ownership and transactions. Can the solutions to complex principles in Bitcoin apply to digital music's complexity? From paying for music with Bitcoin to using blockchain technology, join experts in a lively discussion around how Bitcoin works and its application to digital media. Speakers:
Phil Barry, Founding Partner, Edmund Hart (UK)
Cédric Cobban, Founder & President, Peertacks (USA)
Eitan Jankelewitz, Associate, Sheridans (UK) @EitanJan
Eddy Maroun, Co-founder & CEO, Anghami (Lebanon) @EddyMaroun
Simon de la Rouviere, Decentralisation Engineer, Consensus Systems (USA/South Africa) @simondlr
Joon Ian Wong, Journalist, Coindesk (UK) @joonian