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  1. So the probability of this would be, a big
  2. old zero. Now why is that? Well, we know that
  3. if the mother is homozygous and unaffected, it means that
  4. she is homozygous, and she has the dominant normal alleles.
  5. The father is affected, so he must have a recessive
  6. allele on the X, and nothing on the Y. Well,
  7. of all the possible combinations that could happen, the father
  8. could pass on the Y, and you'd get a boy.
  9. But the mother's going to give an X in
  10. both of those cases, and both of her X's are,
  11. are dominant, non color-blind alleles, so the son is
  12. going to be regular color vision. The father can pass
  13. on the recessive allele from his X. But if
  14. he does, the mother's just going to pass on the dominant
  15. allele from one of her Xs. So you, at the
  16. very most, be a carrier but you wouldn't be affected.