The Greatest Social Media Myth Exposed

No matter how hard you try, chances are one of two things happens when it comes to social media. 1. You get so engaged that hours go by and you feel guilty because you’re not getting anything else done. 2. You avoid it completely despite your best intentions because other things always seem more important that updating, posting or tweeting.

Well, take heart. You are not alone and there are solutions. But there are also pitfalls. Today’s guest on The LinkedIn Lady Show and I are going to discuss this hot topic and analyze why, when, and to whom you should outsource your social media management.

Joe Grushkin has been an award-winning, record-breaking salesman since he graduated from college. Smashing records for Cutco Cutlery, a division of Vector Marketing, he became the New England Division Manager and ultimately was promoted to National Sales Manager / General Manager of Canada.

But the lure of the Internet and applying his skills and experience launched his next career as a Virtual Media Consultant and Business Coach. His most recent venture was the launch of MaxExposure, a social media management services company.

He will share his research, his recommendations about the questions you should ask before you outsource, how to evaluate your investment, and how to monitor your brand image online.