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Soleus Air LX-140, 14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner


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The Soleus movable air conditioning system is the 3rd generation air conditioning equipment you can have for your home. Imagine during the hot summer months, you can choose as to what part of your home must remain cool. If you got kids who are highly-irritable with a warm temperature, you can rely on this new AC that you can place in any part of your home.

The most indispensable aspect in Soleus is the portability and cooling ability of its ACs. The company keeps its promise to be one of the mightiest among air conditioning systems in the market today. With 14,000 BTU, this product has lived up to its capability of having a total cooling for a 13.84 square meters area of a bedroom decreased to 70 degrees during hot summer nights and in scorching summer days.

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When it is set above 90 degrees, the machine has the power to decrease in temperature of 15+ degrees once sunshine is entirely kept out, leaving the equipment on high. It may not sound like a total drop, but it is the best that someone can expect from a movable unit.

The product also has the power to cool a 27.8 square meters master bedroom, even though it reaches up to 15 degrees in temperature drop during the hot summer days. Compare to other portable air cons that are in the market, this product creates a consistent amount of cold air, and while it is more expensive and large than the traditional window units, it competes with them in total cooling effort.

Soleus Air LX-140 Features

14,000 BTU portable air conditioner and 14,200 BTU heater
With evaporative technology that limits bucket maintenance and moisture reduction
Digital thermostat (Programmable)
Exhaust hoses
Window kit

Soleus Air LX-140 Review

After scouring the web for different customer feedbacks and comments, we come up with various positive reviews about this product. Many customers are expressing appreciation for it based from the above-mentioned features. One thing, they love the 3-fan speeds that can work on all of the adjustments, and also comes with a dehumidifier plus a heater mode. Aside from the fan and air conditioner, this product is promising with the heater mode and dehumidifier, all in one product.

Many people are also noting on the temperature adjustment from 61 to 95 that is a great benefit since other portable air conditioner just work until you are freezing. Even though it is not the quietest on earth, it is better than other units that produce noise like a refrigerator. Apart from these features, people especially love the swing capacity that enables them to set it in a rotational mode to cool the entire room equally.

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Many people who bought it are also claiming that the drainage system works well for them. Imagine, all you got to do is to put the hoses out of the window to exhaust warm air. Most people also report on the portability of the unit. It can be placed near the window to put out the hose. They also report on the easy to use remote that shows all functions of the unit.

There are only a few negative reports from people who purchased the air conditioning unit. Most reviews generally show positive appreciation of the product. However, there are some customers who report on the little noise of the air conditioning system. Some of them also note that there must have been well-insulated hoses for a greater cooling capacity of the unit.

If you want a great cooling system for your home, buy the Soleus Air LX-140 today. Get it only at Amazon where you can get the best deals on the planet. Purchase one now and feel the cool change.

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