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  1. These are the faces of 504 coordinators who are writing their plans by hand, the old-fashioned way.
  2. (a bunch of people with fed-up faces)
  3. The paperwork is insurmontable and growing...
  4. Wish you could access your district's 504 data online any time you needed it?
  5. Now you can!
  6. SE 504 - A partnership between
  7. SuccessEd
  8. & CESD Section experts
    Jose Martin & Dave Richards
  9. Benefit #1: no more piles of paperwork that lead to compliance oversights
  10. Generate 504 reports in Adobe, Excel & more!
  11. Benefit #2
  12. Benefit #3: Save time & trees by reducing effort & waste.
  13. How does it work?
  14. Enter data and let SE 504 auto-populate your forms. Work smarter!
  15. (A contraption where puzzle pieces are fed into a funnel and exit on a conveyor belt)
  16. Same language as CESD forms + OCR-compliance = easy transition for staff
  17. That makes for a lot of happy teachers, counselors. And remember those 504 coordinators' faces?
  18. SuccessEd (the logo hits the fed-up faces with a magic wand)
  19. (coordinators now smile and raise their thumbs)
  20. Ask us how to sync your district's SIS data to SE 504 with our "connex" product by SuccessEd
  21. 504 forms are just a click away...
  22. (Web page titled "Student Forms")
  23. (Page titled Section 504 Initial Evaluation & Periodic Re-Evaluation)
    SE 504 forms are user-friendly.
  24. (Page: Edit Student Information - Amberly Farmacka: ID YF1201169)
    Quick access to student demographics
  25. (Page: Reports)
    SE 504 reports save you time!
  26. Dave Richards >
    < Jose Martin
  27. JM: You've asked for our forms online
  28. DR: So here they are!
  29. Built by educators for educators.
  30. We feel your pain!
  31. For details & Demos just visit our website:
  32. SuccessEd