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  1. And you who have no money, come, buy and eat.
  2. Come buy wine and milk
  3. without money and without cost.
  4. This is the issue. This is the stumbling block.
  5. Why some people refuse to come.
  6. You know Charles Spurgeon said,
  7. normally, when a salesman for instance,
  8. wants you to purchase something,
  9. he first describes the item he wants you to purchase.
  10. And then, he tries to bring you up to the price.
  11. Well, not so with the Gospel.
  12. You first describe salvation,
  13. then you have to come down to the price.
  14. Which is nothing. It's free.
  15. You can't pay anything.
  16. But Christ has already paid the price.
  17. We went to a museum today.
  18. And the children were drinking from those water fountains
  19. where you push them and you drink.
  20. No one ever gets the wallet out
  21. when they go to them, do they?
  22. Why? Because you know it's free. You know it's an offer.
  23. But yet with salvation, people hear it's free,
  24. they hear the message, that it's all of grace,
  25. that it's all of faith;
  26. but then they're trying to get their wallet out.
  27. There must be something I must do.
  28. Maybe it's some feeling.
  29. I've got to muster, I've got to work myself up some feeling.
  30. You know so-and-so had this testimony.
  31. So, I've got to have one exactly like him.
  32. Do you realize what that's saying?
  33. I won't trust you, God. I won't believe you.
  34. I'll call you a liar unless I have
  35. exactly the same feeling as so-and-so.
  36. What did Jesus say?
  37. And evil and wicked generation look for signs.
  38. It's without money, it's without cost,
  39. denoting the free-ness of the Gospel.
  40. You must accept salvation as a gift or not at all.
  41. Will you do that? Trust simply in Christ?
  42. It really is all of Him.
  43. I mean, what do people wait for?
  44. Sometimes people they're bound in some sin,
  45. and they think if only I can get rid of this,
  46. I'll believe.
  47. Well, that's a works salvation.
  48. That's trying to pay the price.
  49. That's like saying if I'll do my bit,
  50. then the Lord will owe me salvation then.
  51. That won't save anyone.
  52. You must come down to the price, and it's zero.
  53. You must go to Christ just as you are.
  54. As Horatius Bonar says,
  55. you must go to Christ with all your sins
  56. because that's the only thing you own.
  57. Not wanting to keep hold of your sins.
  58. But you can't deliver yourself from even one sin.
  59. Because even if you beat something,
  60. you'll only exchange it from one to another,
  61. like a Pharisee.
  62. You could give up pornography,
  63. you could give up lust after money,
  64. whatever's got a hold of you,
  65. and still be unsaved,
  66. if that's where you're looking.
  67. But if you simply trust on Christ,
  68. He will give you victory over whatever holds you back.
  69. It truly is all of Christ.
  70. Because when He saves a person,
  71. He also changes that person.
  72. But you can't change yourself.
  73. You can't save yourself.
  74. So stop trying to save yourself,
  75. and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
  76. and you will be saved.
  77. Without money, without cost.
  78. Notice: if it's without cost, if it's free,
  79. there's no excuse not to come to Him and be saved.
  80. No one will be in hell with an excuse.
  81. You heard this Gospel and why they didn't come to Christ.
  82. And why they didn't trust it was all of Him.
  83. Come and buy this wine and milk without price,
  84. the blessings of knowing God, communion with Him,
  85. knowing all your sins forgiven and life everlasting.
  86. Verse 2, Why do you spend money for that
  87. which is not bread, that which is not the truth,
  88. that which is not the Word of God.
  89. And your wages for that which does not satisfy.
  90. Why do you spend your life pursuing sin
  91. apart from God?
  92. Which does not satisfy.
  93. Sure it may satisfy and be pleasurable for a season.
  94. But sin is a deceiver. It will leave you bitter afterwards.
  95. What would you think if someone,
  96. one of your friends in here,
  97. you heard they went to a certain restaurant,
  98. and they went there every week,
  99. you've never been there, and you think,
  100. wow, this must be good. I'll ask them about it.
  101. So you ask them what's it like.
  102. And they said it's very expensive.
  103. And tell me more?
  104. And they said the food tastes kind of sweet,
  105. but gives you a real bitter taste afterwards.
  106. And it makes you feel rotten the next day,
  107. I'm always ill the next day.
  108. Every time I go to that place.
  109. Would you want to keep on going there?
  110. Or would you think that person's out of your mind?
  111. You know, that's what it's doing to hold on
  112. to those things.
  113. Why do you spend your money on that which is not bread,
  114. and your wages on that which does not satisfy?