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Government Shutdown – Opportunity or Landmine?

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The LinkedIn Lady Show. Here today with Ken Herron, Cool Hunter of all things digital and new VP of Marketing at Travel Holidays’ consumer travel brands, including their premium discount website LMTClub. No surprise that today one of our hot topics is the government shutdown here in the U.S. Everybody’s talking about it – but should you? And if you do, what is the potential impact on your business and your brand?

And in the news today – Facebook’s GraphSearch now includes posts and status updates. This will provide great improvement in your search capability based on status updates, photo captions, check-ins, and comments. Did you know you can now endorse connections from LinkedIn Mobile? Is there a right way to reference tweets in your written documents…you bet there is!

But maybe the biggest news and best opportunity is for those who use Pinterest and know this site represents their ideal target audience. Pinterest is ready to roll out sponsored pins – their form of advertising. Before you start groaning, think about the value of being first to market and amplifying your visibility on this popular platform.

Finally, we will share the best tips for your marketing and presentations – did you know that something as simple as the font you use can make a huge difference in how your message is received?