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  1. When we calculate error with multiple measurements, we're focused on precision.
  2. Let's talk about what precision is. Let's say this is you.
  3. You're a pretty tall person, you know you are about 2 m tall but you're really curious
  4. about exactly how tall you are, so you ask your doctor, Doctor, how tall am I?"
  5. She says, "Well, your height is 2.00 meters. You can trust me; I'm a doctor."
  6. "Okay," you say, "Can you do that measurement again just so I can feel confident about the measurement?"
  7. "Sure, no problem." She does the measurement again. She finds, "Well, you have a height of 1.20 meters.
  8. "I did the measurement and I'm a doctor. You can trust me. "
  9. You're a little confused so you say, "Well, why don't you make that
  10. measurement again, I just want to be sure."
  11. "Well, I did the measurement a third time like you asked, and I've found your height.
  12. It is 2.80 meters.You could trust me. I am a doctor."
  13. Now my question--do you trust your doctor?