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  1. Now the answer I was looking for in this question, is
  2. that it would be most likely mutation in the coding region,
  3. not the non-coding region. There were several levels by which you
  4. could have addressed the y part of the question. And I've
  5. come up with three different answers, an OK, a better and
  6. a best answer to the y question. I'm going to read these
  7. and I want you to evaluate your own answer against these
  8. possible answers. An OK answer would have been that the coding
  9. region mutations change proteins. Okay. Sure. So
  10. what? A better answer would have said that
  11. coding region mutations alter amino acid sequence
  12. and thus protein function. Gives me some idea
  13. that, you understand the full impact of
  14. the mutation. But it doesn't really juxtapose the
  15. notion of what a coding region mutation
  16. does and why a non-coding mutation wouldn't better
  17. describe this. So the best answer would be that a
  18. coding region mutation is more likely to alter amino acid
  19. sequence. And thus the function of the protein compared to
  20. a non-coding mutation, which is more likely to affect the
  21. expression of a functioning and intact protein. Go ahead and
  22. rank your answer somewhere on the spectrum here, from OK
  23. to better to best. And you can pick check boxes
  24. in between. Go ahead, tell me how you think you did.